November 30

What’s Your Biggest Concern Right Now? What Hopes?


Apparently today is National Mason Jar day! What’s a mason jar? Learn more here, but they’re very useful for food storage. And for drinking out of. And keeping all manner of odds & ends in…

Mason jars are great for storing & preserving, for helping to sustain people. And sustaining is something not to be taken lightly when it comes to your business and the dreams tied to it. What concerns do you have right now about your business.

For many it’s about finding the right way to engage with clients in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the economic challenges it has brought on… for so many people in business I’ve spoken with since it all started, helping their clients move out of ‘pause’ caused by the sudden massive disruption of the pandemic and the responses to it is right up there.

So is maintaining profit margins at a time when so many people have experienced a large drop in available funds for buying & doing various things. Many businesses big & small are hurting.

For others who have perhaps weathered the crisis a little better, their biggest concern for the next 6-18 months is the uncertainty – they have even less confidence about how things will unfold during these next 6-18 months, even with a vaccine becoming widely available.

Connected with this is scaling a business as the economy opens up, which could happen quite rapidly… hiring additional staff could be a challenge – skills availability is the obvious one, but what about attitude & personal values fit?

You might find something of use and interest in Kimberley Hare’s “Heart of Thriving” practice – she has a 4R framework that may help you get some clarity – she outlines it on her blog here.

The flip-side of the coin to concerns is hope. You have concerns. What about hope? What are some of your hopes for the next 6-18 months? Where and how do your concerns and hopes overlap? What might you draw from this overlap that could help you help a client or prospect out of their ‘pause’ mode? Or help you get out of yours?

Something worth thinking about…


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