November 27

What’s The Weirdest Thing In Your Fridge Right Now?


In the US today it’s the day after Thanksgiving, known today as “Black Friday”, a crazy consumer blowout of shopping which frankly can get out of hand on occasions and has been known to result in conflicts between shoppers fighting over crazy bargains.

On my register of weird & crazy holidays it is also “Buy Nothing Day” – find out more about it at

I tend to stay away from the stores on Black Friday. Which gives me time to reflect on other things. Somebody asked me recently what the weirdest thing in my fridge is right now. What a great question!

Well, it’s not $50,000 in non-sequentially numbered $10 and $20 bills, sadly. Not that I watch too many crime & spy movies… 😉

It’s actually Adequan, a medication for our little toy yorkie, Olive. She’s getting on in age and this medication is really making a difference in her joint mobility & comfort. It has to be kept in the fridge, and when needed, out it comes, I get 0.1ml in a syringe, let it warm up, and then inject it just under her skin between her shoulders. It’s made a big and positive difference to her quality of life. She has heart, kidney, liver and eye issues, so we’re taking care that she doesn’t get worse in those or other areas. She’s a real sweetie!

Over the years we’ve had all manner of meds in there for our rescue dogs, as you can imagine. We only rescue seniors and those generally with medical issues – most other people don’t want the hassle. We don’t see hassle – tender loving care is a wonder-drug by itself, and my wife is an expert at administering that medicine to them.

Had I been asked this just a week earlier then my answer would have been the tv remote control! The week before that it was my iPhone! I’m a little bit of a bubble head on occasion!

(No fridges, remotes or tvs were harmed in this recreation!)

What does this have to do with running a business and engaging with clients? I’m not sure really… other than to remind ourselves that conversations with clients and prospects can sometimes go in the weirdest directions. Or quite normal directions but perhaps the weirdness is in the hobbies the client contact might have!

And in such weirdness is a wonderful opportunity to connect with that person on a more human level. Sure, business is important. Helping others out is important. And often, perhaps more often than we might care to admit, what is important – perhaps more so – is to just connect with another human being. About human stuff.

Now, before you do anything else, why not just go and check your fridge for any weird and pe4rhaps missing items… let me know what you find there!


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