December 2

What This TV Show Has To Do With Meaningful Client Engagement


Today it’s National Mutt Day – yay! As a dog lover this might be one of my favourites… You can learn more about this weird holiday celebrating mixed breeds here.

I recently discovered the political drama series “Madam Secretary” about a former CIA analyst and college professor who becomes Secretary of State, and then all manner of adventures ensue. I’ve become strangely drawn to it, resulting in 1 or 2 binge-watch sessions.

Often I find myself wondering about the very uncertain, often ambiguous nature of the circumstances the Secretary of State character and her staff find them in, and how they often turn to other experts to help them make sense of things enough to make a more informed decision. Usually with world peace/war and lives hanging in the balance.

Setting aside the terror of war & death, it’s similar to the situation our clients often find themselves in before engaging in a conversation with others, like you & me. They’re not seeing a clear and simple enough picture to give them enough confidence to make a decision on what to do next and how. This is where we can help them make sense of what’s going on, help them better understand their situation, the options and pitfalls before them. In the TV show the Secretary of State’s husband is an ethics professor at one of the top DC colleges including the National War College so there’s often an ethics angle explored in parallel with the main story of each episode. 

To help clients & prospects make sense of all of this ambiguity & uncertainty is best done with integrity – which I’m sure you all do. I’m actually referencing a more enhanced aspect to this, that is core to Selling With Heart, Soul And Humanity. And that’s to do so with our own agenda being a distant second to the client’s or prospect’s. It’s not that putting our own agenda first is unethical. It’s not inherently so. I simply believe that when we put our agenda a distant second (with limits) to the client’s, a better outcome results for all, including our own business’s financial performance over the longer term as well as shorter term.

Try it, even just a little. Let me know how you get on!


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