"How To Sell With Heart, Soul and Humanity Whilst Banishing Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (Because Conventional Selling Just Isn't Enough Anymore)"

In this course you will learn:

  • What makes Selling With Heart, Soul and Humanity different, and why it makes great business sense.
  • The missing skills and tools needed for maximum success.
  • The 3 core components of this system and how to apply them.
  • The mindset shift required to make this system work for you.

The actions you take from day 1 will make a difference to you in 7 days or less!

Course details

These are the 3 core components of the system which you learn in depth n the course – proven to bring in the $$$$!

i) Create and deliver messages that grab the attention of your prospects and make them respond positively to you, even in a very competitive market;

ii) Move from ‘selling’ to having a 2-way conversation about what matters to your prospect;

iii) Ask and gain commitment to actions, from your prospect, so they move forward with you (and not with a competitor) in their purchase decision-making process.

It is highly likely that you already have most of the skills and tools needed, you just need to learn to use them in a different sequence. And that is mostly about a mindset shift.

I look forward to showing you how to do this.

You will also get:

  • Tools, job aids and worksheets, along with full tutorials and instructions.
  • Examples of best practice, and using the core elements in various sales and prospecting situations.
  • Membership to a closed group of like-minded sales and business people, for mutual support and sharing of experiences and learning.
  • Monthly Q&A with Martin Schmalenbach (via closed FaceBook group).

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We are committed to helping people and businesses make a difference, at any and all levels.
And to do so with heart, soul and humanity.

Because, why wouldn’t we?


“Selling With Heart, Soul and Humanity”

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