November 23

The One Thing I Can’t Live Without In My Life


Today apparently is National Espresso Day. I’m not sure where, and it probably doesn’t matter. I got my taste for the real espresso on business trips to Italy. I love it, along with so many other aspects of Italian culture (and food!!). But I can live without it. I know a few people who I suspect cannot live without it, judging by how much they spent on their personal espresso machines!

There are times when I really need to be with and around other people, some place dynamic, like say, a bar in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. Other times where I just need to be with myself, no noise, phones or other distractions. Like the back garden of our home in Arizona, which backs on to a lake that at 5am with the sun coming up is so tranquil, watching the humming birds doing their amazing dance in the air, sipping on a revitalising and hot cup of Assam tea.

Over the years my wife and I have adopted a number of rescue dogs, almost all are seniors with medical issues – the kinds of rescued dogs so few want. They’ve brought immense love and joy, even though for some we know they won’t be with us very long before they cross over the Rainbow Bridge. As a kid I was never a big fan of dogs, and for a while was actually afraid of them. It’s funny how things change. And how things stay the same.

Looking back over my life as a kid, as a student, then a young adult working my first jobs, my time at university, working major construction the summer before I started my degree, my first few professional jobs as an engineer, later as an officer in the air force, my time as a husband, moving over 5,000 miles from the country of my birth… and all the time in between I find there being very few constants. One of them is purpose, or rather, a sense of purpose. When I look back at the darker periods of my life, when I was not at my best, when I was not comfortable with who or what I was, I find these coinciding with a lack of clarity of purpose… that desire to contribute to something bigger than me, to be a part of something bigger than me. Getting clarity around that hasn’t always been easy. Neither has keeping it. We all find ourselves wracked with doubt at times.

One thing that has grown as a constant pillar in my sense of purpose is the whole idea of selling with heart, soul and humanity. I’ve found that being at one with that purpose, seeing, hearing & feeling it be congruent with who I am, and vice versa, has helped anchor me during many challenges. Helping others as part of and through this has been like the emerging sunlight after a terrible storm.

What is 1 thing you can’t live without? What is 1 thing that has been there with you, always, no matter what? When you identify it – and you’ll know when you do – reflect on how it can help you on your path as an entrepreneur. How might it help you with motivation, with autonomy, and with purpose? As you reflect on all this, notice what you notice. I invite you then to act on what you notice. I have a feeling you’ll find yourself heading in the right direction, even just a little, and even if you’re not entirely sure what the destination is just yet. That’s OK. That’s very OK. You can draw strength from that.


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