December 4

One Thing I’m Saving Up For


Today is National Sock Day! Hoorah, because I think socks get a bad deal – they go into the washing machine 2 by 2, just like the animals going on to Noah’s Ark… but unlike the ark, they don’t always come out 2 by 2… some are lost. Forever. Thereby keeping alive the notion that wormholes in space-time are real and tuned to socks, pens and tv remote controllers in particular… It’s like washing machines and couches have organised to form some kind of wormhole liberation movement!

That’s probably a good place to leave that thread… just hanging. And turn instead to telescopes. I’m saving up for a telescope. It will be my second. About 12 or so years ago I got a 4.5 inch telescope for looking at the night sky. It’s one that uses curved mirrors to focus the light, rather than glass lenses that you look directly through. These so-called reflectors like mine tend to be more affordable though are not without their foibles and downsides compared to the glass lens types called refractors.

What does this have to do with business? Well, I’ve always had an interest in astronomy and the night sky, hence getting the telescope in the first place. To see the night sky through anything like a telescope or even reasonable binoculars is to see something you think you know so well in, well, exquisitely fine detail. A few months after getting my first telescope I got a special eye piece for it that allowed me to see things sharper, more brightly and in a way that took up my entire field of view – it was like actually floating in space – I could see nothing else – a most electrifying experience that first time – especially when looking at the sheer majesty of Saturn and its complex of rings & 60+ moons. My second telescope will enable me to see things in even finer detail and be a platform for taking photos of the night sky – a topic that really brings art, science and engineering together on many levels. That’s for another time though.

The connection to business with all this is, for me, simple: how often do we look at something, engage with that something, think we know it, and act accordingly. Swap out ‘something’ and insert in its place the word ‘client’ or ‘prospect’…

What are we missing out on by not knowing them better, in finer detail? We study planets beyond our own because on some level it also helps us understand our own planet Earth better, and ourselves. What if we were to do that with and for our clients? How much more useful could we be to them? How much more value could we create together? How much greater might our impact on the world around us be? Impacting on something greater than our individual selves… that might be a legacy worth fighting to establish & protect perhaps…

What are you saving up for and why? Let me know… and while you’re about it, think on what your equivalent of a telescope is for your business & clients. Maybe do something about it?


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