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No Surprises!

Improving The Effectiveness of Your Lead Generation and Conversion

Surprises are fabulous. When they’re nice, desirable. When they’re not desirable, well… In business you don’t want unwelcome, even nasty surprises… A few words about effectiveness of lead generation and conversions… and about skillset, toolset and mindset. Here’s the brief version… Most entrepreneurs and sales people are making at least one, and usually several of […]

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8 Mistakes To Easily & Quickly Avoid With Your Marketing Messages

Spoiler alert: practical, field-proven messaging aid and framework available at the end. No signups or money needed! “Whata mistaka to maka!” was an often-used exclamation in a wonderful family sitcom called “’Allo, ‘Allo!” that I used to watch growing up in the UK, where I’m originally from. It was set in World War 2 France […]

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Stalled opportunity

8 Reasons Why Your Sales Opportunities Might Stall

There are many reasons why your sales opportunities might stall. Here are 8 of the major reasons, and what to do about each. Your value proposition isn’t sufficiently compelling You didn’t identify the outcomes your client required You didn’t follow your sales process You allowed your dream client to control the sales process You were […]

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