December 1

A Free Offer For You?


Today (1 Dec) is World Aids Day, Rosa Parks Day and Day With(Out) Art Day. It’s also Giving Tuesday.

In the spirit of Giving Tuesday I’d like to give you, with my compliments (i.e. FREE), one of the tools from my Selling With Heart, Soul And Humanity program.

Follow the link at the end of this post to get it – just leave your email and it will be in your inbox a few minutes later.

What does this tool do? It helps you have a more useful and valuable engagement with a client or prospect, not just from your perspective, but more importantly, from their perspective.

It helps your client or prospect clarify their problem, not just for you but also for them – you’d be amazed how often a client or prospect isn’t as clear about the true nature of their problem as they might think – or want to think…

It enables you to then help them develop a better understanding of the various options available to them, with the final one they consider being the solution you can create together.

With a powerfully simple and elegant approach you can more quickly, easily and effectively plan for and have these kinds of conversations, resulting in higher success rates and more satisfying outcomes for both your clients and you.

When I first came across this tool I couldn’t believe something seemingly so simple could be as effective as it turned out to be. I’d hate for you to miss out on enabling your clients & prospects (as well as you!) to benefit from it.

It’s not about learning a new skill as such – more about applying what you already know & do, but in a slightly different sequence. It’s the difference that can make the difference!

Here’s that link…


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