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4 Critical Problems You Could Be Facing & How To Fix Them...

No matter what the economy is doing, or how heavy the competition is...


"I'm Not A Sales Person But..."

... but you need to sell.

You're in business to help others solve their problems. You just love doing this. You're just not so keen on the sales bit. You and a bazillion others!

Without being able to sell, your business and the dreams you have could die.


"I Want More Clients"

You could really do with getting more clients, and then keeping them. These clients would be your ideal clients too.

In addition to getting more repeat business, you'd love to be getting more referrals and recommendations through others - they tend to more enjoyable engagements.


" To Be Paid What I'm Worth"

As much as you love doing what you do, you're getting fed up with not getting paid what you know you're worth.

Either you don't have the confidence to ask for more, or you're getting beaten down by tough sales negotiators.

It's demoralising.

Engagement skills improve your life, at work and at home.

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About Me.

Way back when, I had my own small business. Several. I loved to use my experience & expertise to help people solve a variety of problems. I was good at it. I still am. Only one small wrinkle in the whole plan... I hated the whole selling bit. Loathed it. I felt grubby doing it. Long story short, my businesses failed.

I had to go get a proper job, with a large and global tech company. That got me in to an opportunity where I learned that selling didn't have to be that way. I ended up helping our sales people deal with these same sales demons I'd once had.

Now I have the immense joy & privilege of helping small businesses, solo entrepreneurs and so on to learn what I learned. And so make a difference to their business, clients, family & that part of the world they live in.

Oh, I also have a wife (we met on a blind date, been married over 23 years now!) and a bunch of rescue dogs - we rescue the seniors with medical issues, partly because so few want them, but also because they're such a joy to be with. My wife and the 'pack' are a key part of enabling me to do this. 

They Say

Rebecca Ruhm

Marketing Manager, MCE

...Such a great journey so far with Selling with Heart, Soul & Humanity! I'm following up with you on the next workshop since you had talked about doing 2...

Julia Stewart

Product Manager

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