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Knowing when you have found your ‘WHY’…

A question many seem to have when on the journey to discover their ‘WHY’ is…

“How will I know I’ve found it?”

I’ve been working to refine my WHY since a great buddy of mine put me on to the concept and Simon Sinek.

You see, I’ve been looking for YEARS (about 7!) for a way to express my WHY. The trouble was, I didn’t know what it was.

Each time I thought I had it – turns out I didn’t. Does this sound familiar?

A few days ago I thought I had it. I was very happy. I decided to drop an email to my buddy (Steve Marriot – an amazing coach) who had put me on to this concept in the first place. I couldn’t wait to share the news with him and thank him for his gift, of pointing me to Simon Sinek and this concept of starting with WHY.

And as I typed merrily away on my keyboard, I suddenly realised I couldn’t completely remember my WHY…!

I don’t mean I couldn’t remember all of the words ‘verbatim’. I mean, I couldn’t even remember all of the essence of it. How silly was THAT?! After all, I was sure I had it…

And that was when I realised that I DID NOT HAVE MY WHY

BUT… for the first time on my journey to discover my WHY, I felt pretty good at realising I didn’t have my WHY…

…Because I now had a sure-fire way of determining if I had found my WHY or not – and it was QUICK!

AND… I also felt that I was closer to my WHY than I had ever been – I was definitely on the scent…

This helped me zero in quickly on what my WHY is…

I believe that it’s more than a conscious, deliberate act of remembrance. It goes deeper than that. If you have to make an effort to reconstruct your WHY, if it doesn’t ‘roll off your tongue’, then you haven’t got it. When you have discovered your WHY, it’s there in the way you think, act and communicate.

As my long suffering wife Tracy will tell you (bless you!), up until the point where I discovered my WHY, I was trying too hard, and making it too complicated… it was from the ‘head’ and not the ‘heart’.

So I discovered that for me at least, may be for you too, when you discover your WHY and come to express it, it will be a simple and short phrase.

And so I can comfortably, confidently, naturally, and easily express my WHY anytime, like now…

“I’m driven to help you inspire YOUR customers to buy from you.”

Inspirational Selling?

There are only 2 ways to sell – manipulation and inspiration.

Which approach would you like to use most often?

I’m guessing it’s inspiration – we have so much negative baggage with the word ‘manipulation’. Especially in sales.

BUT it’s OK to manipulate to sell – just so long as we all know it’s happening.

Let me give you an example – a price discount is a manipulation.

You may disagree… Because you use it, you buy stuff yourself because of a sale in Main Street. Discounts work!

Manipulation works.

It works in the short term, but is it a sustainable long term strategy?

Probably not.

I believe inspiring your customers to buy from you is a more sustainable long term strategy to sales success.

INSPIRE your customers to buy… and they’ll come back AND tell the World about you!

I’m inspired to help you INSPIRE YOUR CUSTOMERS to buy… like raving fans!

That’s why I get up in the mornings, and why anybody else should care.

What is your WHY?

Why do YOU get up each morning?

Why should anybody care?

Amazingly it seems very few people or organisations have sufficient clarity about their “why”.

They rely on the HOW and the WHAT, and without the WHY, the HOW and WHAT just look and feel like everybody else’s HOW and WHAT – difficult for customers to differentiate. And when it’s difficult to differentiate it becomes an issue of price and availability… and not in the way you need for a sustainable and viable business.

Find out more from at https://twitter.com/#!/simonsinek and http:www.startwithwhy.com