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It Doesn’t Matter If You’ve Never Sold Before…

I’ve recently been working with people who are starting their own business. They’re smart, motivated, have great ideas, and so-on. They’ve just never sold before. And they’ve all been hung up by the voice in their heads telling them they can’t sell and they’re frauds. It’s getting in the way of their success – even leading some to disaster…

In helping them work through this, I had this insight – not new for many, but in this light, new for me. Perhaps it’ll help you as much as it helped these others, even if you’ve been selling all your life…

Until a prospect shifts out of their ‘Status Quo’ mindset or ‘mode’ as I like to call it, and moves in to ‘Change’ mode, there will be no sale.

Here’s why.

In ‘Status Quo’ or ‘SQ’ mode, the prospect is not going to do anything different, even if their current situation is very painful. Until they see the pain of staying in SQ mode is GREATER than the pain of change, they’ve insufficient motivation to change what they do and buy something from you or anybody else.

In getting them out of ‘SQ’ mode you’ll be delivering to them a new CONTEXT for them to use to make decisions in, and you’ll be bringing them a compelling CONTRAST between how things could be if they CHANGE versus how things ARE and WILL CONTINUE TO BE if they stay in SQ mode.

And you bring this context & contrast to them by telling them a powerful, simple, clear and compelling story – a story in which they are the hero in the end.

So this story – your messaging – is ALL ABOUT THEM – it doesn’t matter that you’ve never sold before. It doesn’t matter that every man and his dog is your competition, and that they’re all selling 100 times more than you – that’s all fluff and frankly just a pissy excuse to not take a risk and give it a go…

… and you know, when you get YOUR message, YOUR story right, because it is ABOUT THEM, you’ll deliver it with total conviction and confidence. AND THAT IS THE KEY TO WINNING THE SALE…

The CONGRUENCE between your message and your intent in helping them shines through to your Prospect. And in the end they’ll see how you helped them be the hero in their story, and be successful. And you’ll rightly feel truly great about that.

Tim & Erik’s Book

So you don’t need to worry anymore about your lack of confidence or the success of the competition.

I know – you’re wondering how you can find your message and then deliver it with confidence, passion, congruence and all the other good stuff I mentioned.

Well, you can make a great start by reading “Conversations That Win The Complex Sale” by Tim Reisterer and Erik Peterson.

And if you want to discuss it as you read it, let me know – I’d love to get your ‘take’ on it!

Email me or comment here – either works.