Are YOU struggling to grow, or even maintain, profitable revenue? Are you wanting to excel, to truly get the results you want?

In working in 23+ countries across the Americas, Europe and Asia, over many years, enabling people to excel in sales, I have seen that the many who struggle to get the results they desire, especially in tough economic circumstances, haven't fully mastered the ART of selling, of engaging with clients in a way that is compelling for the client as well as the seller. I find this is true for the one-person startup as well as the global powerhouse of a multi billion dollar industry leader. And I've worked with both of these kinds of business and all in between.

There are many sales approaches, sales methodologies and processes around. Many of them are excellent. Few people who have to sell are able or inclined to study these, to take courses in them. Either they can't afford the expense, the time, don't believe sales training works, or some combination of all three. After all, if you are sat in some training class somewhere, you're not out selling, right? And the sales trainer... if he or she was any good, they'd be out selling, right?

But I know that even in the most difficult of economic circumstances there are a few people who have managed to sell, to engage differently with their clients and prospective clients, and in doing so, continue to sell - and not at horribly discounted prices - often at full price and margin! Everybody else tries harder and harder, does more and more of what they are already doing (because it does work, some of the time), yet struggle to make a difference, and blame it all on the tough economic situation. And in a sense they aren't wrong.

What's the difference between the few and the many? You might ask!

My experience in working across the world, over many years, enabling people to excel in selling, in growing profitable revenue at lower risk, is that this success is down to mastering not just the process and science of selling, but also the ART of selling. And when you master the art of selling, it is no longer selling, it becomes something more, something more compelling, for the seller and the client... The tougher conversations with clients even become fun!!